August 30, 2023

Withheld Demand, the Denver Real Estate Market Bubble and the Role of Interest Rates

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Sarah Thomsen

Withheld Demand, the Denver Real Estate Market Bubble and the Role of Interest Rates

Ever wondered why housing prices in Denver and other places sometimes skyrocket? One key factor at play is the concept of "withheld demand." This term explains how interest rates can create a surge in demand for homes, ultimately leading to higher prices. Let's dive into this intriguing connection and see how it's relevant to the Denver real estate market bubble.

Cracking the Withheld Demand Code

Withheld demand is like a hidden treasure of potential buyers waiting for the right moment. When interest rates are high, borrowing costs go up, putting off many from buying homes. This creates a backlog of people who want to buy but are holding back due to expensive loans.

Interest Rates: The Magic Wand

When interest rates take a dip, the magic happens. Lower rates mean cheaper mortgages, and that's the spark that lights the fuse. All those people who were waiting eagerly start pouring into the market, setting off a rush to buy.

Why Denver's Housing Market Feels Bubbly

Now, let's connect this to the "Denver real estate market bubble" buzz. When interest rates drop, not only does withheld demand get released, but a chain reaction kicks in:

  1. Fierce Competition: More buyers mean bidding wars. That cute house you wanted? Everyone else wants it too, driving up the price.
  2. Less Houses, More Demand: Suddenly, there aren't enough houses for everyone. Demand outpaces supply, which tends to make prices jump.
  3. Investor Buzz: Investors love low rates too. They swoop in, buying properties for profit, which adds to the buying frenzy.
  4. Confident Buyers: Lower rates make people feel confident about buying a house. The uncertainty fades, and people feel ready to commit.
  5. Refinancing Twist: Current homeowners also benefit. Lower rates mean they can refinance and save money, making room for them to buy something bigger or better.

Denver's Real Estate Bubble Puzzle

So, the talk about the "Denver real estate market bubble" isn't just about bubbles. It's about how low interest rates can trigger a cascade of events that push prices skyward. But remember, it's not just interest rates; the whole economy dances together to create this intricate market situation.

As soon as we see interest rates move downward substantially, all the withheld demand from buyers over the past year will come surging forward. Now is the time to buy without the market competition that will come! When. rates are lower, you'll have a nice bump in equity and the opportunity to refinance into a lower rate.

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