September 12, 2023

Denver Real Estate Market Review | August 2023

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Sarah Thomsen

Denver Real Estate Market Review | August 2023

Fall 2023: A Seasonal Retraction That's Anything But Typical

The Metro Denver real estate market, ever in flux and full of surprises, has once again demonstrated its resilience in the face of nationwide changes and challenges. As 2023 drifts into its closing months, real estate professionals, buyers, and sellers alike are trying to make sense of this year's market. Here’s what we’ve observed and how it can inform your decisions moving forward.

1. A Year of Scarcity:

2023 can be defined by one primary word when discussing the Metro Denver housing market: scarcity. Historically low inventory has characterized this year, making it one of the most challenging for those in the hunt for a new home. A significant factor contributing to this has been the reluctance of homeowners to move, many of whom are benefiting from low interest rates.

2. The 'Why' Behind the Moves:

It's no longer just the allure of a new home or a change of scenery that's prompting moves. Instead, life's twists and turns are taking center stage. Whether it's the joy of a newborn, the sorrow of a lost loved one, a marital separation, or an unexpected shift in job status, the reasons for relocating have become deeply personal.

3. Steady Prices Amidst the Tides:

In most years, as we move from the warm summer months into the chillier climes of fall and winter, we observe a seasonal retraction in home prices. This year, however, that script has been flipped. Despite higher interest rates making it more challenging for potential buyers to secure loans, the scarcity of available homes has kept both average and median home prices from dropping. We have not seen depreciation in home values this year, they continue to rise.

4. A Tale of Two Markets:

If you're eyeing the more luxurious, higher-priced homes, you might find the market a tad more forgiving this year. These homes have seen a slight cooling in demand. On the flip side, homes at the lower price points are as hot as ever, with fierce competition among buyers.

A Silver Lining for Upgraders:

For those looking to upgrade their living situations, the fall and winter of 2023 could be the perfect window of opportunity. With the higher end of the market offering a little more breathing room and the lower end still bustling, moving up might just be a smoother process than anticipated.

In conclusion, while 2023 continues to throw its share of curveballs, a nuanced understanding of these trends and the changing motivations of buyers and sellers can offer a strategic advantage. Working with an experienced realtor is key to navigating the Metro Denver real estate waters with confidence and insight. Book your 15 minute consultation here!

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