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Denver's Neighbor - Wheat Ridge

Wheat Ridge, located on the west side of Denver, Colorado, offers residents easy access to the mountains for outdoor enthusiasts. The city boasts numerous hiking trails and walkable neighborhoods with beautiful 1960s architecture. With a prime location and many outdoor activities to explore, Wheat Ridge is a great place to call home.

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Wheat Ridge: Frequently Asked Questions

Is Wheat Ridge in Denver, CO?

No. Wheat Ridge is it's own city right next to Denver, but it is not technically in Denver. We do include it in the "Greater Denver Area". Since it's under it's own jurisdiction, there are different rules in Wheat ridge for building code, short-term/long-term rentals etc! Wheat Ridge is also not in Denver County, it falls in Jefferson County.

Does Wheat Ridge allow AirBnBs or short term rentals?

Yes! Airbnbs and short-term rentals are big in Wheat Ridge because of it's proximity to Denver, but since it does not reside under Denver rules - there are more forgiving rules around Short term rentals than in Denver. While Denver requires short-term rentals to be a primary residence (meaning you have to live in the home you want to rent), there are areas of Wheat Ridge where you could rent out your entire home without being the primary resident. Be sure to check your exact address on the Wheat Ridge short term rental map to clarify your particular rules.

Is Wheat Ridge a good place to live?

Yes! Wheat Ridge is one of the most beloved Denver suburbs. Wheat Ridge, just a stone's throw from Denver, is a gem of a suburb. It's perfectly positioned, giving you quick access to the Rockies, Downtown Denver, and some cool local spots. Public transportation is a breeze with both buses and light rail options, and if you're an outdoor enthusiast, you'll love the nearby trails, parks, and even golf courses. Everything is within reach because of the easy access to main roads like I-70, Wadsworth, and 6th ave.

The neighborhood's got character and charm too! With its blend of historic homes from the 1950s, modern townhouses, and everything in between, there's something for every taste. In general, it's known for larger plot sizes and some rural charm. And if you're thinking about housing with a little extra – like a granny flat or a rental space – Wheat Ridge has got you covered, but make sure to check local zoning laws first.

The community spirit here is tangible. Whether it's the buzz of the Carnation Festival, the fresh produce from summer Farmer's Markets, or the vibrant arts scene on 38th Avenue, there's always something happening. Plus, with world-class venues like Red Rocks Amphitheater close by, your music and arts cravings will be more than satisfied. So, is Wheat Ridge a good place to live? Absolutely!

What is Wheat Ridge known for?

Wheat Ridge is known for it's more easy going style than some other areas of Denver. Technically in Jefferson County, Wheat Ridge feels more rural and much more spaced out that other spots close to Denver. You have larger homes on bigger properties that wind through tree-lined streets that give to that rural feel. It's known mainly for single-family homes, rather than high-density living. But that doesn't mean Wheat Ridge doesn't have it's own neighborhood hot spots. It's known for it's great parks like Crown Hill Park, scenic views of the mountains and easy access to the I-70 corridor and all the fun outdoor activities that offers.

What is the history of Wheat Ridge?

Wheat Ridge began as a rest stop for gold-seekers in 1859, earning its name from the prominent golden wheat ridges observed by travelers on the Overland Trail. As the Gold Rush waned, miners turned to the fertile land, transforming wheat fields into lush orchards and vegetable farms, making the area a hub for produce in the Denver region. Over time, farming evolved, with the city becoming a major greenhouse center, notably producing the world's largest number of carnations. This flourishing flower business led to Wheat Ridge being fondly dubbed the "Carnation City."


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