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The West Colfax neighborhood has been growing rapidly. As a hub for new development, we've seen the density of housing greatly increase in this area. And who can blame them? Great access to walking trails and Sloan's lake, along with nearly instant access to the lightrail that takes you into downtown. Don't miss the Lakewod Gulch, which out shines it's name as a great place to hang or walk you dog.

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West Colfax: Frequently Asked Questions

Is West Colfax a good neighborhood to live in?

Many residents of West Colfax love the area because it offers more affordable new construction opportunities. Many people who live in West Colfax live in a townhome that was built within the past 10 years. West Colfax is largely residential, but it does have easy access to Sloan's lake and the Lakewood Gulch, both are great for long walks and biking. West Colfax also has easy access to the Denver RTD light rail, which give direct access to the Denver Broncos Stadium and Downtown via Union Station. The mix of affordability and city access, makes West Colfax uniquely desirable.

What outdoor spaces is West Colfax close to?

West Colfax is surrounded on the North and South sides by two main green spaces. Sloan's Lake is the largest lake in Denver and offers a beautiful walking path around the lake that boasts city views to the East and Mountain views to the West. On the South side, West Colfax is bordered by the Lakewood Gulch. The Lakewood Gulch has 5 parks and a bike path that connects up to Golden and down to the Platte trail for long bike rides or easy commuting West or East.

What are homes like in West Colfax, Denver?

The homes in West Colfax are a mix of townhomes and smaller original single family homes. Building codes have made the area desirable for higher-density development. The West Colfax neighborhood has has a building boom over the past 5 years. You will still see a mix of older and brand new townhomes as you walk through the streets.

Why is there so much construction in West Colfax?

West Colfax was re-zoned to allow higher-density building. Which has led to the lad being desirable for developers. The zoning has largely been advantageous for townhome development. Townhomes generally have first level entrances and range from duplexes to buildings with under 10 units.

Is the West Colfax neighborhood up and coming?

West Colfax neighborhood has been considered up and coming for the past several years. It still stands as a good investment for new builds as the area continues to turn over older homes. It is one of the only neighborhoods on the West Side of Denver with opportunities for new construction at an entry price point. The area is zones primarily for residential, but close by there has been a lot of commercial development - which will make the surrounding neighborhoods more desirable as they become more walkable.


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