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Denver's bright neighborhood, just West of Downtown

Sunnyside used to be just another one of those industrial neighborhoods that you pass through on the way to somewhere else, but these days it's turning into a destination in its own right. There's been a real influx of new businesses and development, which has led to an increase in home prices. With easy public transportation, RTD's G Line has a stop just across Sunnyside's eastern border in Globeville. Some of the growth in Sunnyside can probably be attributed to the popularity of neighboring neighborhoods like Highland and Berkeley, but the area is becoming one of Denver's most exciting areas to live.

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Sunnyside: Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sunnyside a good neighborhood Denver?

Yes! Sunnyside is often ranked as one of the best neighborhoods in Denver. Residents love the area primarily because of the laid back attitude of the community, but also the location couldn't be better. Tucked next to Downtown Denver and Lower Highlands (LoHi), Sunnyside offers easy proximity to Denver hot spots without being in the chaos. Residents enjoy casual tree lined streets, but have easy access to great restaurants, parks and activities. Being in the North Wes corner of Denver, Sunnyside has great access to the mountains via I-70 - which makes it a outdoor enthusiast's dream location.

Is Sunnyside, Denver an up-and-coming neighborhood?

Yes! Sunnyside is considered up and coming. With great proximity to high-end neighborhoods like LoHi, we expect Sunnyside to continue to grow and be a great investment. The neighborhood has generally been a mix of commercial and residential zoning, much of the commercial zoning is turning over into town home developments - adding a entry level price point for many buyers. Larger development projects like Fox Park are gong to completely change the Sunnyside vibe, which will continue to add value to home-owners in the Sunnyside area.

What is there to do in Sunnyside, Denver?

Sunnyside has a few adorable sets of shops and restaurants. 44th street has hot spots including the Radiator (coffee and drinks) and El Jefe. Tejon st has a block of restaurants and coffee shops. Cherry Bean is one of our favorite coffee shops (best burritos in town) and Wolfs Tailor is a high end dining experience that is now Michelin starred! In the center of Sunnyside there is also Chaffee Park, a small tree-lined park that hosts weekend and neighborhood events.

Where is Sunnyside, Denver?

If you're looking for Sunnyside in Denver, Colorado, let us give you the lay of the land. It's snugly situated in the Northside of Denver, west of Interstate 25. Interstate 70 makes up the North boarder, Federal Boulevard's on the west, and you've got 38th Avenue down south. This is right next to the LoHi and Tennyson neighborhoods, both hot spots for nightlife and foodie scenes.

What is the history of Sunnyside, Denver?

Before Sunnyside was formed, this area west of Pecos Street was home to small truck farms, orchards, and vast stretches of untouched land. In 1879, the Northeast corner of the region donned the name 'Argo'. Functioning primarily as a company town, Argo bore the cultural imprint of Swedes who dedicated their lives to the smelter and those who tirelessly worked for the Moffatt Railroad.

The saga of Sunnyside's evolution is intertwined with Denver's history. Through a series of three annexations, Sunnyside gradually became an integral part of Denver.

Today, a stroll through Sunnyside is like flipping through pages of architectural history. The neighborhood's diverse housing landscape offers a mosaic of styles, ages, and designs, with the oldest structures predominantly standing tall and proud east of Pecos Street. The echoes of Sunnyside's storied past reverberate through its lanes, bearing testament to a legacy rich in culture and history.


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