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Edgewater - The neighborhood with a view of the city

Discover the charming neighborhood of Edgewater, located just minutes from Sloan's Lake in Denver, Colorado. With its cute main street featuring popular local spots like Joyride Brewery, Griffin Coffee, and Providence 5280, Edgewater is the perfect destination for those looking to experience the best of Denver's dining and craft beverage scene. Whether you're a local looking for a new hangout or a visitor looking for a unique and authentic Denver experience, Edgewater is sure to impress.

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Edgewater: Frequently Asked Questions

Is Edgewater, CO a good neighborhood?

Edgewater, nestled on the western shores of Sloan's Lake, is a fan favorite among Denver locals. Technically Edgewater is it's own city, even though it's so small. Small but mighty, people clamor to live in Edgewater. They love it for the strategic location between Denver, Wheat Ridge, and Lakewood, and that it provides residents with diverse and affordable housing options, from classic ranch-style homes to contemporary condos. This mini urban oasis promises both a lucrative return on investment, as evidenced by its significant growth in median house prices, and a dynamic community vibe. Its proximity to popular dining and retail spots, combined with a rich history and vibrant business scene on the iconic 25th Avenue main street, makes Edgewater an attractive destination for young professionals, families, and first-time homebuyers alike.

In Edgewater in Denver, CO?

Technically Edgewater is it's own city of just over a total area of 445 acres. Even though it's small, it's mighty and residents have a TON of local pride for being an Edgewater owner or resident.

What is there to do in Edgewater, CO?

While small, Edgewater has TONS of fun things to do. The center of the town is 25th Ave, Edgewater's main st. This block is super strollable and has lots of restaurants and shops. Our favorites are Providence 5280, Griffin Coffee, and Joy Ride. Beyond main street, there are several parks and you have easy access to the biggest lake in Denver, Sloan's Lake.

Why do people love living in Edgewater?

People love the Edgewater neighborhood to live in because it has the perfect mix of walkability and quiet streets. Mainly smaller homes, it offers an opportunity for first-time-homebuyers and people looking for a reasonable price-point for a single family home. Edgewater is perfectly positioned right by Sloan's lake on the Western side of Denver, so you have easy access to the I-70 corridor for all things Colorado.

What is the history of the Edgewater neighborhood?

Edgewater, Colorado's origins are deeply intertwined with Sloans Lake, formed in 1861 when Thomas Sloan inadvertently flooded 200 acres. Named for its close proximity to the water, Edgewater's initial inhabitants were fishers and ice-cutters. Its significant growth began post-1887, with the inception of Fort Logan and the creation of Sheridan Boulevard. Edgewater officially incorporated as a city in 1904. It saw significant growth mid-20th century, paving streets and annexing lands until neighboring incorporations confined its boundaries. Presently, Edgewater is a quaint city on the western shore of Sloans Lake, combining a rich history with modern amenities. Despite its smaller size, Edgewater remains a vibrant community, valuing its heritage while constantly evolving to meet contemporary needs.


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