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Cherry Creek: The luxury hot spot

The neighborhood of Cherry Creek is known for its exclusivity and high price tag. Located just outside of downtown, it is a desirable location for the wealthy elite due to its abundant amenities. The streets are lined with upscale retail shops and trendy restaurants, and there are several high-end fitness studios and boutique hotels in the area. One of the biggest draws of the neighborhood is its close proximity to the Cherry Creek Trail, a popular bike path that winds its way directly into the heart of downtown. Overall, Cherry Creek is a luxurious and convenient place to call home.

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Cherry Creek: Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cherry Creek, Denver a Good Place To Live?

Is Cherry Creek a desirable place to live? Absolutely. Nestled amidst luxury shopping districts, esteemed art galleries, vibrant festivals, and top-tier Colorado schools, Cherry Creek is a haven for both young families and those wishing to indulge in a touch of opulence.

While its affordability might be harder than most other Denver neighborhoods, the reason is evident. Cherry Creek boasts lavish townhouses, condos, upscale dining experiences, and a myriad of boutiques, all punctuated with chic art spaces and sophisticated wine bars.

Those who love walkability to all things play (restaurants, bars, shopping, coffee shops, etc) with close proximity to Downtown Denver, the Cherry Creek neighborhood might be right for you.

Is Cherry Creek expensive to live in?

Short answer - yes. Living in Cherry Creek comes with a premium price tag, but the myriad luxuries it offers affirm that every penny spent is truly worth it. The housing cost index suggests that Cherry Creek's housing expenses are 140% of the national average, positioning it among the pricier cities in the US. The Cherry Creek Neighborhood does have many condos available, which offers a more affordable entry point if you love the neighborhood.

Cherry Creek stands as Denver's crown jewel of opulence. Perfectly poised above Washington Park's northeast boundary, it strikes a harmonious balance: close enough to Downtown for effortless commutes, yet distanced enough to offer a serene escape from the city's hustle and bustle.

What outdoor activities are there in Cherry Creek?

Cherry Creek is in Denver's Urban core and to the East of the city. Access to the mountains won't be as easy as living on Denver's West side, but that doesn't mean Cherry Creek doesn't have it's own outdoor activities.

Residents enjoy access to the extensive 42-mile Cherry Creek Trail, connecting them seamlessly into downtown and beyond. If tennis serves your interest, Pulaski Park, the neighborhood's largest park, hosts the Gates Tennis Center. And for golf enthusiasts the nearby Denver Country Club, situated just a stone's throw from the Cherry Creek shopping center.

Proximity to some of Denver's nicest and largest parks is a perk of Cherry Creek including, Wash Park, Cheesman Park, and City Park.

Is the Cherry Creek neighborhood in Cherry Creek School District?

No, the Cherry Creek neighborhood and the Cherry Creek School District are not the same. This is a common question! Cherry Creek is an upscale area in central Denver, known for its shopping center and high-end residences, and it falls within the DPS (Denver Public Schools) boundaries. In contrast, the Cherry Creek School District (CCSD), which is highly-rated, covers Centennial, SE Aurora, Greenwood Village, and other parts of the southeast metro area. Despite their similar names, which often leads to confusion, they refer to different entities and locations.

But if you're talking to a Denver local they will say, "I live in Cherry Creek" - that means they live in the neighborhood, not the school district.

What is the history of Cherry Creek?

On the outskirts of Denver City Core, like many Denver neighborhoods, Cherry Creek stands as a testament of transformation.

In its early days, during the late 1800s and early 20th century, Cherry Creek was not the elite's first choice. Denver's affluent preferred Capitol Hill, while Cherry Creek humbly housed the lower and middle classes. Smart investors like Temple Buell saw the opportunity and began to acquire land in and around Cherry Creek in the 1920s.

The 1950s saw a big shift in Cherry Creek. Buell's Cherry Creek Shopping Center, transforming Cherry Creek from a modest residential area into a high-society haven. Denver's elite, drawn by the allure of luxurious shopping, soon recognized the area's residential potential. This led to a building boom. While the initial homes were unassuming, Cherry Creek's newfound status soon gave rise to grand residences, primarily constructed of brick or stick, with some even resembling the solid rock homes of Capitol Hill.

Fast forward to the mid-70s, and the landscape began to change again. Houses from this era didn’t mirror their predecessors, as the wealthy moved in they built larger, grader homes. These are the iconic homes Cherry Creek is known for.

From this point on, Cherry Creek's homes became synonymous with luxury. This neighborhood firmly ranks as one of Denver's most expensive - but for good reason.

The success of Cherry Creek can largely be pointed to it's city planning. Intentionally combining commercial with residential to create a walkable community. The first neighborhood plan in 1976 aimed to foster commercial growth while preserving the community spirit. This vision was refined further with subsequent plans, culminating in a comprehensive strategy by 2003 that segmented Cherry Creek into distinct subareas. This meticulous development approach, buoyed by a significant private investment since 2005, has made Cherry Creek not just a residential and commercial hotspot but a symbol of progressive urban planning.

Today, Cherry Creek is a neighborhood that has seamlessly blended its rich history with modern ambitions, making it one of Denver's most cherished jewels and most desirable zip codes.


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